Raven's Thorn has a perspective with a higher competitive quality in mind. Motivated by a focused will, directed towards goal oriented outcomes, the purpose of Raven's Thorn as a studio is to promote a healthy, high energy, platform for artists to perform their duties specific to the craft of tattooing, to provide financial stability, and to be held in high regard in both self and the community. We strive for conviction as persons, standing for principles, and personal growth, and we aim to fuel the vessel that will carry us into tomorrow. Raven's Thorn expects a standard of success to be met by determination and discipline. Our vision is to enter all arenas of the tattoo industry. Achievements are continuous to greater goals. We accept the challenge!

Raven's Thorn has two professional tattooing studios open now to the public. Our goal is top-notch customer service, facilitating experiences that echo through our community. Raven's Thorn is a brand built to be represented with royal pride, giving its all to the people via our services... A staple to hang your heart on.


Lets grow Together


Kiel Slayton
Greenville, NC