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meet kiel

The Owner

Kiel Slayton is a passion driven tattoo artist. He owns Raven's Thorn Tattooing Studio, and has 12 years experience with his machine. His capabilities are broad when it comes to tattooing different styles, but his favorite style is truly black and grey.


Portraits, realism, erotica, surrealism, and a touch of fantasy is where the higher energy is for him. He constructs and delivers custom pieces of art for his beloved clientele. Customer satisfaction is an aim and creative freedom is always greatly appreciated.


Kiel's portfolio


meet Zada

Manager | Artist | Piercer

Hey there, I'm Zada, and ART is my ultimate passion! My journey began as a cosmetologist, but my love for creativity led me to become 3X certified in permanent makeup. Artistry runs deep in my veins – I come from a family of talented tattoo artists and I found the perfect mentor in my brother, Kiel. Under his guidance, I apprenticed and blossomed as a tattoo artist. Now, I get to live my dream every day, managing a vibrant shop right here in Greenville.

I am always seeking to grow and refine my skills, so I'm currently taking art classes to expand my horizons. Mastery is my goal, and I pour my heart into every design I create. When I'm not immersed in ink, you'll find me cherishing time with my loved ones. Family means everything to me, and my free moments are devoted to caring for them and creating unforgettable memories.

Come and join me in this artful journey of self-expression and transformation. Together, we can turn your ideas into magnificent tattoos that tell your unique story. I can't wait to be a part of your tattoo experience and leave you with bomb tattoos that reflect your inner beauty and passion. 


zada's portfolio


meet yuni

Artist | Piercer

Hey there, I'm Yuniper, but you can call me Yuni. My aesthetic is sketch, and engraving like tattoos. Art has been my lifelong love, and I've always known that I wanted to carve a career out of it. My journey with tattooing began when I got my first ink at the age of 16, and from that moment on, my path was clear. My tattoo style is a mesmerizing blend of black and white engraving with fine lines, a technique I've been honing since the age of 14, evolving my skills day by day.

As an artist, I'm constantly inspired by the stories and visions my clients bring to me. Each tattoo is a unique opportunity to create a masterpiece that resonates with its wearer on a profound level. My passion for this art form fuels my dedication to perfecting my craft and pushing the boundaries of creativity.


I'm thrilled to collaborate with future clients, building up my portfolio and exploring new avenues of artistic expression. Together, we'll bring your ideas to life, crafting tattoos that are not just beautiful but also meaningful. Let's embark on this inked adventure, where art meets passion, and our creativity knows no bounds. 


Yuni's portfolio